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About Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK)

Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK) or Kelantan Islamic Foundation ( YIK ) available today is more of a religion of the Kelantan state government agencies entrusted to carry out the activities of Islamic education and Arabic language studies in the population of the state. Initial proposal is on January 1, 1974 which is under the Kelantan Enactment 9/1968 .

In 1973 , a coalition of Islamic Party (PAS ) and Barisan Nasional (BN ) was established in Bihar . A proposal has been submitted to the state government to set up a special department to handle religious schools . The department called the Special Department for conducting religious schools . The department called the Department of Religious Schools (JASA ) Bihar on July 1, 1974 and placed under the Kelantan Islamic Foundation for Higher Education , Enactment No. Nilam Puri . 9 of 1969 which later amended under the Enactment No. 3 1977. It is housed in a building Yaakubiah Lundang , Kota Bharu . SERVICES governed by the governance board is responsible to the Council of Higher Education Kelantan Islamic Foundation ( Muhammad Greece 1997 ) .

Letter Office State Secretary Dato ‘ Sir Council number 1703/73 ( 26 ) dated August 2, 1976 menyatkaan that the State Executive Council meeting held on July 29, 1976 agreed to implement the acquirer ‘s schools from August 1 of the same year .

Schools involved in the takeover of the first stage is that of six only, Muhammadi Madrasah (Kota Bharu ) , Madrasah Falahiah ( Pasir Pekan, Waterford ) , Madrasah Amir Indera Petra ( Beris Kubor Besar, Highland ) , Madrasah Yaakubiah ( Nipah , Highland ) , Madrasah Arabiah ( Pasir Mas ) and Madrasah Syamsul Maarif ( Pulai Chondong , Machang ) and the other in the shade. This is the purpose of school patronage schools approved by the administration and running MAIK syllabus formulated by MAIK , but with teachers who are appointed and funded by the school improvement committee respectively .

Before being taken over by the Department of Religious Schools (JASA ) Bihar in 1976 , all religious schools in Kelantan is located either under the full administrative MAIK through a declaration of acquisition by the State Government which was made by the Honourable Dato ‘Haji Ishak Lutfi bin Omar , Minister of Bihar at the time. This declaration is made in a special ceremony held on Monday, July 1, 1974 , at 9:30 am at the Chamber Johor Kelantan Islamic Foundation for Higher Education , Nilam Puri few weeks before the general election in August that year.

This declaration is made because there was an event in early 1971 , when MAIK introduce a new system , a two-pronged system to replace the old system . This system was introduced because in the early 1970s is the decline of students in religious schools in Kelantan , especially in schools or public assistance . Interested people to send their children to study in religious schools started to decrease. Existing education system is no longer able to cope with the turbulence times changed so quickly that no school – religious schools help ( people ) are forced to close due to lack of students .

Interest of the people were focused on secondary schools have sprouted in every part of the state administration and its equipment is better than religious schools . The rate of deterioration secondary schools especially alarming Kelantan’s position as a center of religious learning in the region. One of the reasons this happens is: -

  • i ) religious school system that runs until the end of the 1960s an old system that has been running since after the Second World War and was not in line again with the recent trend and current requirements .
  • ii ) There is no economic value to the certificates issued by religious schools .
  • iii ) Management and administration of the schools are not efficient, in addition to the provision or financial resources are very limited . Most runs in its current form and without long-term planning .
  • iv ) Teachers – teachers are not trained and not fixed . Most teachers , religious schools just stopped teaching before getting a place in the government-owned schools or other places more secure .
  • Initial steps to overcome these problems is to streamline the school system in several ways . In October 1967, the School Certificate Examination Board , Bihar School of Religion under the rules of the Kelantan Islamic Religious Council was established .

The establishment of this board is intended to equalize the value of the certificate of religious schools state who was never given the same recognition . Although these schools wear the same system and curriculum , the curriculum system and MAIK , though in practice the certificates issued by their schools did not receive the same recognition . For example , there are schools which received its certificate to enter the University of Al – Azhar as Maahad Muhammadi and there is not. To equalize the value of the certificate is to be uniform , an institution named above to be established by MAIK body responsible in matters of examination and issuance of certificates . The Board approved on 28 September 1967 inception began his duties on July 1, 1968 ( Abd. Razak , 2002).

Coincident with this constitution , the school system and the education system ( curriculum ) reorganized and updated. This new learning system named the new System School of Religion , also known two-pronged system , a system which contains the tertiary education system in line with the Ministry of Education to allow students to take exams SRP (PMR ) , SMU, STU and STPM .

Before the system was implemented , the religious curriculum in Bihar do not take into account the acquisition of academic certificates as SRP (PMR ) and SPM . With the implementation of the new system, students have the opportunity to enter the religious school examinations for their academic certificates alternately with religious certification exam in a study period of eight years , starting with the transition to sixth grade on . This system is to qualify students to enter any religious university either within or even outside the state , sectarian religious or other stream .

To accommodate a relatively large expenditure , the MAIK charge a monthly fee to students . This fee is in proportion to their level , for students of sixth form charges of RM 10.00 per month.

As a result of the matter, some negotiations between the representatives of the students , and the middle MAIK Reading Hall maahad Muhammadi.

Negotiations broke down and the students strategies to make banners, set up the equipment and contact the reporters.

The banner reads ‘ If not Afford Lay Council to State Governments ‘ have a significant impact on the State and MAIK . As a result of the actions taken by the students in all schools , the MAIK make a new decision , which dated back school fees . Finally, the launch took over the schools Religious People Kelantan Kelantan Islamic Religious Council by the State Government made ??by the Hon . Dato ‘ Lutfi b Umar Minister of Bihar on Monday, July 1, 1974 .

After the ruling Barisan Nasional – Deeds established in Bihar on March 11, 1978 , the administration of religious schools Kelantan moved from JASA to Kelantan Islamic Education Foundation ( YPINK ) .

It is subject directly to the Office of the Secretary of State of Kelantan came into force on March 22, 1979 , the enactment of the Bill . 5 , 1979, which became effective on June 1, 1979 , be approved for the department as a statutory body and changed its name to the Islamic Education Foundation of Kelantan.

Next to give wider powers and also after combined Faculty of Shariah and Ushuluddin Wal Wal Canon Ijtima ‘ , Higher Education Kelantan Islamic Foundation Nilam Puri with University of Malaya ( UM ) in the name of Islam Universiti Malaya Academic ( AIUM ) , the government has abolished the enactment of the Education Foundation high Islam Kelantan. Then the agency amended again through Kelantan Enactment Number 8/1982 to be named the Kelantan Islamic Foundation or YIK ruling on March 1, 1983 .

Following the name change , the office of the Kelantan Islamic Foundation ( YIK ) located in the building Yaakubiah , Lundang , Kota Bharu moved to the hostel while Kelantan Islamic Foundation for Higher Education ( YPTINK ) in Nilam Puri on June 4, 1983 . Then again moved to the old palace located in Nilam Puri Academic Campus Islamic University on 9 September 1990 and after it was renovated and restored at a cost of RM 120,000.00 . Kelantan Islamic Foundation ( YIK ) is responsible for administering and managing the following matters : -

  • i ) Secondary Schools Religion / Arab over Kelantan
  • ii ) Centre for Arabic Nilam Puri
  • iii ) School of Booths , Telong Kandis , Highland
  • iv ) Pre Tengku Anis , Kampung Sireh , Kota Bharu
  • v ) Financial management and development

With the formation of Kelantan Islamic Foundation ( YIK ) as the government agency that coordinates the Islamic education in Kelantan, it has given new impetus in the field of Islamic education.

Jawatan Kosong Yayasan Islam Kelantan :

Qualified Malaysian citizens invited to fill the vacancies at Yayasan Islam Kelantan as follows :

  1. Pembantu Makmal
  2. Pembantu Am Pejabat
  3. Pekerja Awam
  4. Pekerja Awam (Jaga)

Further information and how to apply, please follow :

Jawatan Kosong YIK Closing Date : 24 Disember 2013

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